Pizza Tuesday

Every Tuesday my roommate and I have pizza. I’m not going to mention the exact accompaniment of guilty pleasure entertainment because of slight embarrassment, but it happens every Tuesday. We started this a while back and have made sure that it’s been carried through. Every week we try some new toppings. We used to buy our dough at the store pre-made in the deli section, just because of a few failed attempts at dough, and our schedules. Then the dough started having a weird chemical taste, like the cheap Pillsbury biscuits do. I said thanks but no thanks, and searched for a pizza dough recipe. I stumbled upon this one from the awesome Pioneer Woman. I made it – and was really excited. I only used 1/4 cup of olive oil the first time, then the full third cup, then found the exact recipe on The Kitchn minus the olive oil, so last night I only used a couple of Tablespoons. I like number 3 the best. The dough is super easy and it really only needs about an hour to rise, but I’ve given it two every time I’ve made it. The recipe gives enough to make 2 large pizzas, on 10×15 baking sheets of course, because it’s cool to eat squareish pizza

I think the best part of Pizza Tuesday is getting to experiment with different toppings every week and not having to pay 2 bucks a piece. Making your own pizza is so easy and much cheaper than even most frozen options, it’s natural and it tastes great. We each make our own to share, and have enough for dinner that night and lunch the next day and then some. So, it’s enough to make it through Wednesday.

 Last night, we agreed that it was some of the best pizza we had made to date. I’ve been on the hunt for pepperoni alternatives because pepperoni is gross and greasy and it gives me heartburn, so there. I have found so far that nothing really tops bacon, which is an amazing topping and lasted a couple of weeks on our list of pizza toppings, but I have branched out. Last night I opted for some red sauce – store bought, another thing I’m working on – along with some black forest ham, spinach*, black olives, mushrooms, and the cheese mixture of parmesan and mozzarella. Pizza number 2 consisted of alfredo sauce, black olives, mushrooms, and artichoke hearts with mozzarella. Both were amazing and the ham, which was chopped up, was better than canadian bacon, and cheaper too. Does anyone have other ideas for pepperoni alternatives or pizza toppings?

Also – best way to reheat a slice of pizza – on the stove. I believe I saw Tyler Florence doing this and I tried it to reheat the slices in the photo and then devour them.  Just take a small saute or frying pan, probably even a cast iron and put on medium heat with the pizza alone in the pan, covered to help melt the cheese. It’s nice and crispy and not soggy like pizza reheated in a microwave.

*the spinach is 5 oz chopped frozen spinach that I thawed and squeezed dry

Basic Pizza Crust
love child adaptation of The Pioneer Woman’s and The Kitchn’s
 makes enough for 2 10×15 pizzas

1 1/2 c warm water, hottest from my tap works for me
1 t active, not instant, yeast

4 c unbleached all purpouse flour
1 t salt
2-3 T olive oil

Dissolve the yeast in the water and let stand for 5-10 min.
While this is happening, mix the flour salt and olive oil in a stand mixer with a paddle attachment, and put about a teaspoon of oil in a medium size bowl for the dough.
Once the yeast mixture has “stood”, mix in with the flour mixture and mix for 1-2 min. Take out with hands, dough will be slightly sticky, form into a ball and roll around in the olive oil you placed in that bowl.
Cover with some plastic wrap and let sit for 1-2 hours or longer if you like.
Divide into 2 and carefully stretch onto baking foil lined, greased baking sheet
Add toppings and bake at 500 degrees for 10-12 min.


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