Grocery List XXVII // Wit & Vinegar

That picture is Mose making his “I heard you say bath and now I’m pretending you can’t see me” face. Obviously I can see him, obviously he got a bath. You’re just lucky I didn’t show you his nails. It’s like I’m living with Wolverine.

Maybe though we can pretend that’s not his bath face and he’s about to jump out and shimmy and yell IT’S ALMOST POPSICLE WEEK!! and then dance around throwing popsicles at everyone. Seriously everyone, get excited. There’s some goodness that’s going to be filling your freezer. Now with that creepy image of Mose dancing on two legs, let’s write a grocery list.

First up is a sandwich that I want to have for every meal/party/occasion: BROCCOLINI PANINI. I’ve made Tracy’s panini with broccoli turkey and cheddar and I almost punched a hole in the wall. This sandwich will probably make me want to do the same. (via Shutterbean)

Erika went out and slammed peach cobbler into a muffin. No big deal except really big deal. (via Southern Souffle)

Megan made everyone some vegetarian sliders and stuffed them with goat cheese. Also she made her own buns. Get out of here Megan. jkomglol. (via Take a Megabite)

Nicole went out and made a bunch of dark chocolate rocky road cookies that I want to eat an entire batch of. In one sitting. Ask Steve, I could do it. (via Dula Notes)

Adrianna talks about jet skiing at 10 like a pro and shakes up an insane looking melon gin and tonic. (via A Cozy Kitchen)

Dana’s all like let me jump on that drank train with a 3 INGREDIENT CARAMEL FRAPPE. psst it’s vegan. (via Minimalist Baker)

Then Cindy cabooses up that drank train with her blackberry ginger smash like whoa. (via Hungry Girl Por Vida)

Joy talks about burning toast. Then topping it with tuna. Once I burned my last two pieces of bread for avocado toast then made the smoke alarm feel my wrath when it tried to remind me what happened. Also can we just oogle Joy’s workspace? (via Joy the Baker)

Izy grilled pizza for everyone like she’s trying to woo me or something. Also she posted the best video involving Pizza and the Olsen twins that just made my week. (via Top With Cinnamon)

Jessica thought it’d be cool to wave chicken skewers in my face then swap that out for avocado ranch. Seriouslyyou guys, AVOCADO RANCH. (via How Sweet It Is)

Steph made HAND PIES OUT OF PRETZEL DOUGH, BRIE, AND JAM LIKE SHE’S A WIZARD. I mean, come on Steph, you’re out of control. I haven’t shown this link to Steve yet because I fear it’s all he’ll want to eat forever. (via Girl Versus Dough)

For music this week I give you something you’ve probably already heard and something that I should’ve put on the minute I heard it but I didn’t. Sorryboutit Bey. I think I’ve come to the conclusion that I just need a lock of her hair just like, clipped to the side of my head plus back up dancers. Instant growwwwn woman. Also I can’t get over this performance and this is total appropriate muffin baking music the end.

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