Sriracha Mustard // Wit & VinegarWe get to end the week on something kewt and fun that requires next to no thinking and you can make it ahead of time if you’re into that thing.

Sriracha. Mustard.

Which, when I figured that shit out I assumed that it had been done a million times already and Billy just bought the later ticket to the train. Then I googled it as one does and there’s a couple posts about it then a buuunch of companies selling it to fools because you guys, it’s sriracha and mustard. Don’t do that to yourself.

I know there’s nothing revolutionary at all about this, I just wanted to share it with you and also photograph hot dogs/eat said hot dogs.

Just to get it all out of the way: it’s 3 parts yellow mustard to 1 part sriracha, idk maybe more sriracha if you’re feeling your oats, you do you.

And because I’m a good gurl, I’ve gone ahead and rounded up some goodness for your bbq this weekend:

The bbq dessert supreme pie bar
Also rosé soaked strawberry shortcake because yas
Adrianna has some bacon western cheeseburger sliders from Jon’s book for your nerve
Some of the best looking crumb on a cupcake I’ve ever seen from Cindy
I put coffee in BBQ sauce, Phillip crusted his burger patty, it’s a win win
Brandon put watermelon and tomato in a margarita, I’m not mad about it
Crying tears of joy over these frito pie hot dogs from Honestly YUM
And last but not least we have Sydney with Korean-Style roast pork, amen.

That’s it! Enjoy your weekend, eat lots of food, drink lots of drink, make sure your dogs are wrapped up when it comes time for fireworks/all weekend because assholes love loud noises when it makes zero sense.

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