Grocery List VII / It’s Fall Again

I’ve been in a blog funk these past couple months.

I honestly haven’t cooked anything blog worthy, or had the gumption to put together a DIY but I feel out of the funk, with a little more free time and I feel like I can throw some bidness together. I’m back down to one job, and am slowly putting together a project/venture that I can’t wait to throw out into the world like a handful of confetti.

Until then, there’s an announcement: Fall is here.

We went from having sort of sunny-ish days to boom gloom all day which means I can wear one outfit the entire day, drink more hot coffee and wear desert boots everywhere.

I’ve had a craving to make my butterscotch pumpkin bread for a few days now. I’ve also had the craving to eat an entire loaf by myself.

I’ve had the weird urge to put pesto on everything, including my face.

The last of those summer tomatoes should be going in this crazy fast dinner.

If you haven’t discovered Megan’s blog yet, get on that. And make these waffles. Every. Sunday. Morning. (via Take a Megabite)

This just happened yesterday. That means that I should probably be eating pizza at least 3 times a week, right? (via Joy the Baker)


That’s all for now.

But seriously this should all happen. Who else is excited for fall foods?!

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