Strawberry Top Vodka / Wit & VinegarYes you possibly read that right. We’re taking what we’d normally just throw in the trash and use it to infuse some vodka, like a more mature, creative Captain Planet.

Please don’t hate me but I got this idea from one of those extra long pins on pinterest with different ways to infuse your water so you actually want to drink it (pro tip: just be an adult and drink your water so u don’t die of dehydration!). Then I was like wait, what if I just put strawberry tops in vodka instead would that get me to drink more vodka let’s try it.

Strawberry Top Vodka / Wit & VinegarI’d successfully done it a few years ago with strawberries and rhubarb and it was so perfect so the other day when I used up a pound of strawberries I took the pile of strawberry tops that are usually trash bound like half the people on MTV and put them in some vodka. Flash forward two days and I had the nicest blush colored vodka with the perfect hint of strawberry that’s low enough where it doesn’t make me feel like I’m downing a wine cooler.

And look at that bonus drink! Clink Clinks are gonna come back this summer and I’m stoked about it. This bebe if you haven’t calculated already is just a strawberry top vodka twist on the classic moscow mule and doing that little twist means that you and I can drink it in whatever glass I want without the asshole drink police telling me I should be using a $20 copper mug (insert sunglass wearing emoji).

Strawberry Top Vodka / Wit & Vinegar

Also bonus is the new fun thing I’ve been working on over at a new site called Nom. Twice a week (wed and fri at 9:30am pst) I go live and make food for your pretty faces and chat live with you and answer any questions. The thing that I really love about all of it is that after the nomcast is done streaming it’s archived so you can watch it whenever you want, 100 times a day. Clink the link up there and subscribe if you want to be alerted/reminded when the nomcasts are going live so you can watch and ask me questions about food, or boys, and spoiler alert: tomorrow’s nomcast is all about infusing vodka with fruit. BEYOND THE STRAWBERRY TOP.

Go out rn, buy a pound of strawberries and start your strawberry top vodka so that come friday you can TGIF ur life.

Strawberry Top Vodka
Makes 12 oz 

Strawberry tops from 1 pound of strawberries, about 1 cup ( I also tend to sort of cut off more than I probably should so if you’re short on a cup just slice up a couple of strawberries)
1 1/4 cup vodka (tune into the nomcast to see my favorite most economical because I am economical barbie)

In a glass container like a mason jar or rinsed out juice bottle that’s at least 2 cups, combine the strawberry tops and the vodka. Put the lid on and give it a shake. Set on the counter and let the fruit infuse for 2 days, don’t really need to go longer than that, then strain and store in the fridge for up to 1 week. Use in whatever drink you’d normally use vodka in for a nice strawberry zing zing.

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