Grocery List XVIIII // Wit & Vinegar

Let’s keep this short. Let’s keep this sweet. Let’s keep this simple.

I’ve got some applesauce to smash.

Stephanie went out and browned butter, then went and put apples in it then made it into a quick bread that involves icing and I want to smash my face in all of it. (via Girl Versus Dough)

Miss Cindy is continuing the fall’s in your face apple trend with APPLE PIE PANCAKES that are described as an apple pie french toast hybrid. SAY NO MORE. (via Hungry Girl Por Vida)

WHOOPIE PIES FOR WHOOPIE G? No. But I’ll take like 100 of them. (via Take a Megabite)

Tracy discovered another key to my heart when she smash boom banged some MAC AND CHEESE WITH SRIRACHA. Banged. (via Shutterbean)

Hey baby, hey baby, hey. Girls say, GIMME THAT DUTCH BABY. (via A Cozy Kitchen)

What do we want? Caramel Corn. When do we want it? RIGHT. NOW. (via Joy the Baker)

Easiest VEGAN cinnamon rolls like it ain’t. no. thang. Stop it you guys. (via Minimalist Baker)

Usually people are like LOL OMG YOUR PICTURES MADE ME DROOL JK. But really, I did and it’s a salad. (via The Candid Appetite)

Gab kills it. Again. The styling, the fact that coffee’s involved, the geniusness behind the idea of this post. It’s out of control. (via The Artful Desperado for SF Girl by Bay)

Erika, I have no idea how to pronounce huguenot but I know that I want an entire pan of it with a giant spoon. Serving size: ONE. (via Southern Souffle)

Izy was all like let me shove more goodness into a double chocolate chip cookie and then even more goodness into that and I’m just over here like this. (via Top with Cinnamon)

You put easy and cheesecake into the title of something and it’s like I’ve got a Google alert set up inside my brain. Also easy cheesecake is a total hooker name. (via How Sweet It Is)

I don’t know what else to say about a buffalo chicken quinoa bake except GET IN MY FACE AND SEE WHAT HAPPENS. (via Half Baked Harvest)

Last but not least Megan brings everyone breakfast like whoa. I mean these scones are some sexy impressive scones. (via Passports and Pancakes)

For music this week my girlfriend Solange is going to sing and dance for you. It’s like, hello fall can we wear sweaters and dance alone and fall is all like, yes please in a whispervoice.

17 thoughts on “GROCERY LIST XVIIII

  1. Tieghan

    You and I think way too much alike! You honestly just listed my favorite post of the last week. I love and want them all! Now I just need to fin the time to make them all. I can dream right?!?

    Thanks for including my buffalo chicken quinoa bake!

  2. Erika

    Um can you please ask your girlfriend Solange where she got them shiny shorts from? NEED. Also can you ask her if she’s ever smuggled Caramel Corn via said shorts? (asking for a friend duh)

  3. Janay

    Can I just say that you are hilarious? I love the recipes, but I love your humor more. I may or may not spend more time scrolling through your blog than I do on Pinterest! You have me laughing up a storm-keep being awesome please. Thanks.


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