Brownie Granola / A Cozy KitchenHappy Cyber Monday! The holiday where you get to shop without pants on and get good deals without having to show your boobs on a webcam, despite what the name leads you to believe.

I figured it was a better time than ever to go over the blogger book tour that happened a few weeks ago because cyber monday means there has to be a sale somewhere (30% off on amazon today with code holiday30) so we’re just taking care of all the business right neow.

But real quick, before we kick it off I need to mention that the food blogging community is just the coolest most supportive, rad group of people. luv u guyz.

Nik from A Brown Table and the boys over at the Food Gays made the pumpkin flaxseed treats for the dog section, mainly just really excited they did that so I can see pictures of dogs.

Jon from The Candid Appetite and Graham from Glazed & Confused made the vanilla apple crumble which is current right now in my food moods. I just want a whole pan to myself with ice cream.

So far this list is v gay heavy, I am v into it.

There were a couple ‘most popular’ recipes that were made. The espresso snickerdoodles were one, with Brett from Fig and Bleu, Alana from Fix Feast Flair, and Cindy from Hungry Girl Por Vida being all cool for the winter cookie season.

The most most popular, for good reason, was the Nutella Brownie Tart. Erika from Southern Souffle gave a shout out and proof it doesn’t have to be a tart which I love, along with Michelle from Hummingbird High who tried to expose my evil plans. Gab from the Artful Desperado made it (WITH COFFEE SALT), Jessica from How Sweet It Is trashed it up with all the halloween candy, and Sarah from the Vanilla Bean Blog topped it with no churn pumpkin ice cream, amen.

Also on the brownie track was the most chill bowl of  brownie granola that Adrianna from A Cozy Kitchen made. I love it with the yogurt and honey.

Christina from Dessert for Two went and dessert for two’d the caramel banana pudding which makes me happy because now I can make and have two servings to myself whenever I want.

I went to go hang out with Oh Happy Day and I brought some pumpkin Butterscotch sauce with me.

Stephanie from i am a food blog and Brandon from Kitchen Konfidence made the honey sriracha chicken skewers. Stephanie took the mini route (luv) and Brandon went the rice bowl route (also v much luv)

There was some waffle talk with the ricotta waffles that the boys at Probably This made with the vanilla strawberry sauce and Sarah from The Sugar Hit pimped her ride with blueberries and whipped cream.

Sydney from the Crepes of Wrath made tacos happen with the chicken tinga tacos (one of my favorites that we’ll talk about next week) and she kicked up the spice a little because she’s a spicy gurl.

Tracy from Shutterbean went and almond joy’d the breakfast rolls from the book yes please.

Last but definitely not least is the bourbon gingersnap ice cream that says suck it to winter because the flavor itself is just winter holiday extravaganza. Lily from Kale and Caramel made it and topped with hot fudge and the maple glazed cornflakes from the book which is top notch and Megan from Take a Megabite went and made it with all the cutest things ever for ice cream topping.

For those of you that’ve bought the book, thank you! For those of you that are on the fence go use the 30% off deal and grab a copy! and if you guys could, take a sec to rate the book wherever you buy it, and use the hashtag #whipitupcookbook and show me what you’ve made!

p.s. if amazon is your devil then you can check it out on Target’s website (usually the best deal with a Red Card #notsponsored) and if that’s still not your thing, check out indiebound for local bookstores that carry it! aaaand if you’re in the UK, here’s that Amazon Link.

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