The Beergarita // Wit & Vinegar

Hey there you pretty bird, I’ve got some alcohol for you.

I figured that I should probably contribute something towards Super Bowl aka February Thanksgiving aka how many nachos can I fit in my face.¬†For me the day isn’t too exciting because I don’t watch any sports. I’m that guy that watches for the commercials and Beyonce. I sort of Caroline Manzo all of it, and I’m just like in a dark corner by myself eating a pile of melted cheese and drinking a beergarita.

The beergarita is a special drink because most recipes involve a ton of tequila and a good amount of frozen lime-aid concentrate. I’m no go on the lime-aid and I promise to never use that same container to measure out tequila. My top needs to stay on.

This version of the beergarita is much simpler with just three ingredients: Beer (obvs), fresh lime juice, and agave. You’re getting the best of a couple worlds in just one glass. Now I know what you’re thinking: ‘Billy shame on you for trashing up beer’ to which I reply ‘I could give two shits.’ This is definitely something you should try with a couple of plain untouched beers so people have the option of what they want to use to intoxicate themselves. It’s your party, do whatever.

Now, let’s get to mixing.

The Beergarita

for a couple of servings combine 1 ice cold 12oz beer ( I like Pacifico or even a good wheat beer like Lost Coast Tangerine Wheat), .75oz (1 1/2T) light agave, and 1oz (2T) fresh lime juice (from about 1 lime).

Serve over ice (because you’re scandalous) with a lime wedge.

If you wanted to put together a giant pitcher of these because yes, then combine 4 ice cold beers with 1.5oz (6T) light agave and 4oz (1/2c) fresh squeezed lime juice.

THEORETICALLY: If you have tiny bebe hands that can’t juice citrus you could use a good quality margarita mix in place of the agave lime mixture.

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