Flax Seed Doggy Froyo // Wit & Vinegar

Let me just start out by saying this post is brought to you by the event of Mose’s birthday. He just turned 5 which means he is really 35 in dog years which means he should have already learned how to start picking up his own shit. Even though he doesn’t know how to do that I still love him an incredible amount. He’s just that fabulous.

I’ve never actually gone out of my way to make Mose any treats myself because I don’t do terribly well with rolling things out then cutting them then getting them to the tray and having them look remotely close to the shape of the cookie cutter. Also, for Mose a treat is like half a pancake or a chunk of french bread. That kid is addicted to carbs. HE IS MY DOG.

I saw these over on Megan’s blog forever ago and bookmarked them. I’m trying to kick myself for not making them sooner.

Flax Seed Doggy Froyo // Wit & Vinegar

The thing I love about these treats is that they come together in about 5 min and we’re experiencing somewhat of a heat wave so I like to think that these cool him off. Even though he lets the whole thing sit in his mouth for about 6 seconds then swallows it whole because apparently he hasn’t learned what teeth are for.

These are made with just a few ingredients you probably already have in your kitchen and there’s nothing super weird so if you wanted to, I don’t know, eat one, you totally could.

Did I eat one? Yes, I was curious. They actually taste like a peanut butter moo’d shake from Jamba Juice, so there.

Can we just pretend I had these up last week and all of our dogs got to celebrate popsicle week with us? Yes? Okay, cool. Dogs need voom voom shebang too.

Flax Seed Doggy Froyo

adapted from mah girl Megan over at Take a Megabite

The only thing I did differently was use some ground flax seed. The bulk section is your best friend for that ingredient. Also all of this stuff is totally fine for your dog. Make sure the yogurt is plain unsweetened and feel free to use non-fat if your dog has a little extra to love.

2 c plain greek yogurt

1/3 c all natural peanut butter

1 medium banana

2 T ground flax seed

1 T honey

Put everything in a food processor and pulse a few times to combine it all until smooth.

Place froyo in silicone molds or do what I did and line a cupcake pan with liners and pour about 1/4 c in each one. Optionally place a pretzel or a little somethin somethin extra on top. Freeze for a couple hours, or until solid. Watch your dog inhale it.

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  • I want to think of a sassy comment to add here, but honestly, I’m too busy being in love with my dog, and transferring all those feelings onto your dog’s paw in that photo. Because look at that paw! (p)AWWWWW!
    *huggin’ ma dawg*


  • HAPPY BIRTHDAY MOSE!!!!!!! It’s so adorable and awwww-ing (totally an adjective) to see how much you love Mose! I’ve only had an imaginary puppy (I may or may not have named him) growing up because my mom didn’t let me have one. Later I found out that not being around puppies as a kid made me scared of real alive dogs which I’ve been trying to get over for YEARS haha. BUT a few days ago a professor brought in her big dog with her and she just sat by me and didn’t want to leave my side because she liked how I was patting her and I just went a;sldkfjqpwoeiru,nvdlskfj. Making some progress! Moral of the story, HAPPY BIRTHDAY MOSE!!

    • YEAHH!! Hopefully you get more comfortable with dogs. I was scared when I was real little because my neighbors dog used to chase me when I got off the bus. I got over it when I finally realized that he was like 8 pounds.

  • I kind of wish I had a dog now! These a awesome and I am pretty sure I would kind of love them too! Is that weird?

    Oh and dog popsicle week? Yes! Love that!

    • Totally not weird! Maybe you should just get a dog. Everyone needs a dog.

  • Jessica

    These look…paw-some. (Oh noooooooooooo!)

  • Yes! Mose is so lucky to have you. Those pretzels are a lovely addition! And flax yeah! <3

    • flax yeah! Dogs need shiny hairs too. Basically both of our dogs are lucky to have us.

  • LaKiesha

    Popsicle week for dogs? Pupsicle week. That should totes be a thing.

    I feel obligated to make these for BB Bailey. Peanut butter, yogurt and bananas are some of his favorite foods. I can’t NOT make these, right?!

    Sidenote: BB Bailey’s nails look a lot like Mose’s nails. They are deadly.

    • MAKE ‘EM! And I really like the idea of pupsicle week. Also those aren’t even Mose’s deadly nails. They were wayyyy longer a few days before I shot that.

  • Happy Birthday Mose!! One of the main reasons we don’t have a dog is because of the “picking up shit” situation. However my daughter is on the verge of a Brittany spears breakdown if we don’t buy her one soon. I’ll definitely have to make these froyo’s when that day comes.

    • YES GET ONE. I know you’ll have the flyest dog on the block. Plus you have a kid so they can totally pick up the poop. win win.

  • you made your dog pose for a photo. I love this.

    • YOU SHOULD SEE THE OUTTAKES. plus the froyo that would go missing when I turned my back.

  • get it together animals! get some thumbs and pick up your own sheeeit. whoever’s in charge of evolution needs to get on that.

    also, what a nice dog-dad! I’ve made cut-out treats before, but they make me tired and need a drink and a nap. plus, it’s hilarious watching pups eat frozen things.

    • the best is when it gets all over their face. that and the reaction after they eat something really cold for the first time and their face gets all like whoa.

  • I can’t wait to try this for my pup!!! He already loves empty yogurt containers đŸ™‚

    • That’s a great idea!

  • I LOVE THESE!!! And Mose, get your shit together and grow up! JK, Happy Birthday, Mose!

    • Amelia definitely needs these while she floats around the pool all casually.

  • Aw! Happy birthday Mose!!

  • Hilarious–totally agree. I don’t own a dog, but my cat is in his mid-30’s as well and I am tired of cleaning up his litter box. He needs to learn a thing or two about that.

    If only cats were awesome and enjoyed frozen treats like this! Or I owned a dog, that too.

  • Reannon

    I made my dog ice blocks ( Popsicles) this past summer & he loved them!!! It gets SUPER hot over here in Perth so of course he needed them. My kids thought I was bonkers. My dog thought I was the best.

  • Lindsay

    I’m confused why these aren’t for me. I’m pretending this is people food you just happened to give your dog and that I’m not eating Mose’s dessert.

  • Laura

    Geez- I must really be missing something here because Megan’s my sister and I still haven’t made these for my dogs. Put this on my to do list for tomorrow. I have a 6 pound chihuahua and a 60 pound lab who would love these.

    And p.s. I’d probably try them too. In fact I may tomorrow…

    • yes! hopefully they turned out great!

  • I’m pretty sure my pooch Bella would love these. Although I’m also certain that she doesn’t taste her food given the rate at which she scarfs it down. I feel like making these but putting them on a stick like a human popsicle and holding it for her so she can eat it slowly and enjoy it. Oh the things we do for our animals. We must love them a lot.

    • haha yes! I live the popsicle in a stick idea. no choking hazards.

  • I love it all the more because you ate it!

  • Happy belated birthday MOSE!!
    My dogs don’t know why they have teeth either….seriously they swallow treats whole. I DONT UNDERSTAND.

  • I have a 6 year old yellow lab named Tater Tot and for all of his life I have wanted to paint his nails, feed him from a bottle and bake him a birthday cake, but all of those things seem like something only a crazy person would do. Maybe I’ll make these treats instead…

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