Grocery List XXIII // Wit & Vinegar

Finally a new grocery list! It’s been a couple weeks because sometimes I don’t have my shit together and I decided to #notaeuphamism show everyone my blueberry pie sundae. I realized thought that everyone’s been extra awesome the past couple of weeks so buckle down for some two, three, four-fers. Everybody’s a winner.

protip one: Whenever you see ALL CAPS you need to imagine me saying it with Ramona Singer eyesface, one word.

protip two: All of these foods are acceptable to eat while watching Catfish: The TV Show. This last episode, just, don’t even get me started. Ramon, you’re so cute, why you gotta be crazy?!

First up, mah gurl Izy brought us these fabulous honey and oat pancakes from Adrianna’s new book. I mean, JUST LOOK AT THOSE PANCAKES. Fluffy city, here. we. come. She also blessed us with what she claims are the best ever chocolate chip cookies. Just a little basil infused butter. I’m totally holding the phone. (via Top With Cinnamon)

Speaking of Adrianna, gurl has been on fire (cue Alicia Keys) with popsicles, white peach crumble with a brown butter business, PEACH SWIRL BUTTERMILK ICE CREAM, and little bebe fried oyster sliders that I would like at least a dozen of in mah belly right now. (via A Cozy Kitchen)

Cindy brought us delicious blueberry lime frozen yogurt pops, more frozen yogurt business with swirl action side ponytail crunch,  and some whiskey cherry chocolate soda floats to wash all the goodness down. (via Hungry Girl Por Vida)

Megan made blueberry cheesecake ice cream that I just can’t handle, then offered up a crazy good banoffee milkshake and I was like whoaaaaat?! and then gave us sour cherry cobbler for breakfast lunch and dinner. (via Take a Megabite)

My man Jonathan casually threw a CHICKEN AND WAFFLE SANDWICH our way. I just can’t handle it. I need to make it ASAPORLIKEEVENSOONERTHANTHAT. (via The Candid Appetite)

Nicole in her awesomeness gave us these spring rolls. One time I made spring rolls but I overstuffed them like it was a turkey and it didn’t work in my favor. If anything I could just throw everything in a bowl and drizzle that sauce on top, right? right. (via Dula Notes)

Then Erika came along while she was on vacation and was like here guys, have a cocktail and I was like, OKAY. (via Southern Souffle)

Stephanie made a strawberry galette and tells us about the thing she does when making food for other people. Newsflash I’ve done it before and totally failed. Then I listened to Leona Lewis and cry and then it’s all better. (via Girl Versus Dough)

Dana made everyone some sopapilla pancakes that I’m totally having for breakfast in the very very near future, then she made some summer corn and cotija cheese dip. Dana, you had me at summer corn and cotija cheese dip. If all that wasn’t enough she threw some cherry and dark chocolate muffins in mah face. And I ate all of them. (via Minimalist Baker)

Tracy made us some PEANUT BUTTER BANANA FROZEN YOGURT. Actually she just made it all for me, I don’t know what you guys are eating.  Here, we can share some Pimms Cup popsicles. (via Shutterbean)

You know that emoji where it’s the face that looks like it’s smiling from excitement with it’s teeth all clenched? Pair that with the confetti emoji and that’s my face exploding from Joy’s Ritz cracker ice cream sandwiches, her homemade spicy ketchup, and A LASAGNA GRILLED CHEESE SANDWICH. (via Joy the Baker)

For music this week I give you my latest obsession: HAIM. Izy made a video with this song on it and I had to tweet her immediately and find out who it was. Turns out I’ve heard them before and then listened to this song like a million times, imagining myself in an 80 movie getting ready for the prom with my electric blue eyeshadow trying on a bunch of poofy ass dresses lookin’ cute wondering if I’m gonna get that kiss. Also I kind of wish I was part of insanity that is this music video.


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  • I want to live in this list.

    • YES!! SO much good food this past couple of weeks!

  • Thanks for the strawberry galette love, friend! You’re the best! Though my recipe fail consolations of choice are copious amounts of Adele songs and Meg Ryan movies. I might have to add Leona to the list, though.

    PS That music video, when the girl pulls the fish out of the water with her bare hands <—- YES.

    • It looks so good!! Adele is a good one too, I don’t even know how I missed her. It’s such a bad feeeelingg we should just have meg ryan on speed dial or invent a meg ryan magic 8 ball.

      And that video, I mean, it’s so creepy and exciting at the same time those girls are havin’ the time of their life!

  • thanks for the LUUUUVVVV! I am realizing, reading this list, that maybz my food-life needs more variety than ice-cream-covered-froyo-soda-float-pops. I have a salad for next week. Balance, yo.

    • Actually, ice-cream-covered-froyo-soda-float-pops all day erryday sounds really good to me.

  • Ahhh! When she punches the water and pulls out a fish? I lost it. I’m going to watch this 3 more times and then try to get ready for work without putting on leather fringe.

    • Right?! Just hold it together.

  • i love you. I really, really do. please come visit, soon. kthanksbye

    • I love you back. And I’ll probably just shoot over to Kansas like pronto.

  • I just think you should move to Atlanta so we could hang errday! Thanks for the love. Everything on here is the shit!

  • I’m fainting…

  • So I just found your blog and I actually think I might love you(in a totally non stalkerish manner obviously), I could sit and read your posts all day but then I would be hungry and that’s never a good state to be in. Can’t wait to read more!

  • Ugh, you kill me. Again. Everytime. Not every time, but EVERYTIME (like BritBrit). Gah.
    Oh, and that clenched-teeth emoji is my favorite. BUT you have to put the little fingers throwing a peace sign before it. Super Kawaii.