Grocery List XX // Wit & Vinegar

Technically this week I only have like 2 nights I have to make food for us, then it’s off to Southern California for almost a week. We don’t have much plans except for a couple of things with Steve’s family. Then there’s shopping and eating and more shopping. And then I finally get to see my one of my favorite queens: miss Jujubee

Any and all recommendations for food are totally welcome! So far I just have plans to get my paws on one of these bad boys. And eat In-N-Out at least 3 times.

If I weren’t going on the trip and I had to make food at home, this is what I’d consider making:

Megan’s Gluten Free Polenta Quiche. Because it looks like one big slice of comfort, obvs. (via Take a Megabite)

Also for breakfast? PEANUT BUTTER CUP PANCAKES CUE CONFETTI CANNONS (via Minimalist Baker)

I think Sriracha makes everything better. Can it make brownies better?! Erika says yes. (via Southern Souffle)

Cindy’s bombe is the prettiest bombe of all bombes. ps if you get that reference we’re best friends. (via Hungry Girl Por Vida)

Jessica made some everything white bean hummus that I wish I could just pull through my screen. Luckily we have slug slime from Los Bagels up here that I can throw all over that. (via How Sweet It Is)

Ashley made an ice cream that dreams are made of. True story. I day dreamed about it while staring at my screen for like 5 min. (via edible perspective)

My man Jonathan made this chocolate tart. A chocolate espresso hazelnut tart is a sexy tart that nobody could turn down. Unless you’re allergic to hazelnuts, then I’m sorry. (via The Candid Appetite)

I really need to get a legit popsicle mold that doesn’t produce rocket shaped popsicles. The first ones I make will probably be Tracy’s refreshing Mango Lassi Popsicles. This popsicles got game. (via Shutterbean)

Of course there should be a salad eaten at some point. I would probably have Joy’s masterpiece at least once. I love everything in this salad. (via Joy the Baker)

Maybe I’ll have like four helpings of Stephanie’s Stuffed Cheesy Bread. Probably closer to five or six. (via Girl Versus Dough)

I’ve never made a gallette before. Nicole looks like she has one for me to try. Would it be wrong to put cream cheese and blackberries in there and make like a giant cheese danish?! Think about it. (via Dula Notes)

And lastly, because pinterest randomly makes me fall on older posts on people’s blogs, I give you Izy’s date caramel sauce. It looks insanely easy and I can’t wait to put it on everything. (via Top with Cinnamon)

For music this week I leave you with something that’s probably too racy for a food blog but I’m slightly obsessed with everything about the song, including the video which should have the hashtag sexy cool all over it. Plus I’m pretty sure it’s like, half as sexual than Selena Gomez’s new stuff. Don’t ask me how I know that.

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  • My jaw dropped a little when I saw those peanut butter cup pancakes… ok, it dropped a lot.

    • Right?! Mine did the same thing, don’t worry. I think I was part hoping that that pancakes would fly off the screen and into my mouth.

  • SO many delicious links! That ice cream, that hummus, whoa. WHY have I never thought of making a galette into a danish? Genius! Do it! Have fun on your vacay 🙂

    • Thanks Nicole! I need to try it ASAP when I get back.

  • that song is so fun!

    and thanks for thinking my art is the prettiest art of all the art…and by art, I mean bombe. I feel super special.

    also, you should probz have some animal style fries or at least cheese fries while your at in-n-out. just sayin.

    • Thanks for getting me, friend. I will absolutely need to snag some cheese fries on one of my visits!

  • hey thanks for sharing my link! i’d mail you some cheesy bread if that was possible (gotta work on making that possible, actually, because I want someone to mail me those peanut butter cup pancakes like WHOA). have a blast in southern cali!

    • Thank YOU Stephanie!! We need to figure out how to teleport food. Then it would all be over.

  • Have fun in S.CA!! Thanks for including me on your list this week. Totally honored! 🙂 I cannot wait to try that hummus + quiche!

    • Thanks Ashley! You are welcome times a thousand. That ice cream just has to happen real quick like.

  • Hey hey hey… that’s my jam right there..and those Peanut Butter Cup pancakes, oh my lawd.. that’s all I can say.

    • I like to pretend I’m Pharrell in the video and just dance around the living room.. that’s all I can say.

  • I’m going to email you too many LA food things.