T-Minus 3 weeks until summer’s here.

Which means T-minus 3 weeks until I’m eating ice cream and carne asada all day. and then a salad every other day to balance it out. I know what I’m doing.

This past week we had two of the hottest days of the year in Humboldt county, creeping up into the 70s. That is our summer weather. When wednesday happened I busted the ice cream maker base out of storage and into the freezer.

And as of this morning we’ve made a grapefruit sorbet and a coconut ice cream. With plans to make another sorbet this week.

Send help.

Until summer officially hits and my friends and family kick it off with a graduation BBQ potluck,  I’ve got some foods to hold me over:

English muffins are one of my favorites. Megan made a whole wheat in a loaf form that require NO KNEADING. (via Take a Megabite)

My girl Cindy is over at Betty Crocker showin’ us what’s up with baked taquitos. (via Betty Crocker)

I found these graham cracker cookies a couple of days ago and I feel like I need them in my life. (via My Kitchen Addiction)

I’ve somehow just now discovered Bev Cooks and that woman is not only good at taking pictures but she is hi-lar-i-ous. She made some chicken taco stacks and I had one of those duh moments and then realized I wanted some of that. And then I realized I have a boyfriend that doesn’t appreciate Tex Mex like I do. (via Bev Cooks)

HOLYGUACAMOLE. (via Joy the Baker & Shutterbean)

Lastly, some DIY Energy Bars. Because energy bars are expensive and I could use an extra jolt of energy almost any time of day. (via The Feed)

For music this week, I leave you with some flashback sumemry goodness. A song that I’ve played enough for Steve to ask me to stop playing it to which I replied shut your face this is my jam right now.

If there’s such thing as a rain dance then maybe there’s a summer dance that involves rolling around on roller skates in a half tee to make those 3 weeks go by faster. And I’m totally okay with that.

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  • I need a new/old song to listen to since I’ve been listening to the same 2 songs for a week now and Sean’s brain may just explode if he has to listen to IconaPop I LOVE IT or MotherMother LET’S FALL IN LOVE, another time. I’ll just make his brain explode with a throwback Mariah mix instead. BOOM!

    ….and thanks for the love, of course.

    • hahaha oh man, that icona pop song is just out of control right now. throwback Mariah is always a good backup plan though.

  • Did you say 3 weeks till Summer?! Oh boy… that means a lot of ice cream consumption for us too!

    • Right?! Glad I’m not the only one.

  • Is it Fantasy?! PLEASE SAY IT IS! I’m at work (being a great manager) so I can’t view the video. DAMN.