This is Anna. She is awesome. She is talented. She is my awesome talented friend.

Yesterday we had a photo shoot extravaganza where we shot each other to help build up our portfolios since the end of school is coming up soon and the real world is happening and we need grad invites.

(real world as in real life times, not MTV. Anna and I wouldn’t do very well on that show and we’d just be confused the whole time plus I don’t think either one of us likes dressing like a hooker.)

afterlight (3)

I am not a model. I’m always awkward in photos. Neither one of us had any clue what to do with our hands or our arms and it made for some really great awkward images. Am I supposed to smize? Does it look like I have no hands? Oh geez I think the sun is giving me cheshire cat face.

Usually when Anna and I are in a photo together there’s this cosmic explosion of awkwardness and somewhere an angel gets it’s wings.


When Anna suggested we take eachother’s portraits for portfolio purposes/grad invites I jumped at the chance. Somehow I managed to be a decent model. Anna told me there were hardly any where I was blinking or looking crazy or giving unnoticed sexy times face.


We’re going at round two later this week. A lot of the images are great for a portfolio, but obviously most of these images wouldn’t say Hey, I’m graduating!

Except maybe the one below with her hands on her hips, conquering the land.


It’s been so so long since I’ve actually picked up a camera to just shoot and it was incredibly fun. It needs to happen more. I need to go out and make some money with it. Especially since it might be one of the things I’m going to school for.

Look out world, Billy’s using his camera more.


side note: how awesome is this greenhouse?! It’s on the Humbodt State campus and although the inside is just as cool, the outside made an awesome graphic statement in the images.


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  • hi billy!

    just found your blog.i like it’s simplicity and straightforwardness.but i love your photos even more.they are just my kind of photos.congratulations on the whole graduation thing.will be back for more of your wit&vinegar!



  • Yeah, I just discovered your blog today and I’m allllllllllllllll the way at this post (starting at the most recent, obvi) and I must admit… I wanna be your bestie. And not, like, in a Single White Female kinda way (I should watch that movie again….) and not just because you could make me breakfunch anyday you wish… but because you effing CRACK ME UP. Makin me get all Kanye with the caps lock.