Watch Yo’self or Someone Else

Who needs a last minute gift guide for your man? or a general man in your life that you forgot to buy a gift for? Get your watch business on!

Up until about a year ago I hadn’t worn a watch since 4th grade. We’re talking permanent tanline 365 days a year watch wearing dedication. Since I’ve started, that dedication has fired back up again. I feel naked without one and I look like an idiot when I check my nude wrist for the time.

That Casio calculator watch up there is the one that I wear every day. Do I use the calculator? no. I have giant manhand fingers. It happens to be the perfect size and I like the rectangular watch face. Plus the other day at work a nine year old told me it was such a really cool watch. It kind of made my day.

The great thing about these is all of the links are to Amazon so there’s still a little time left to get Amazon Prime shipping, and the prices are considerably lower than if you were to buy them at a brick and mortar store. Also, price: all but 2 of these are under $30, one is under $10!

1. Timex Weekender Watch: $25 – Super classic, perfect for everyday wear, waterproof, and you can easily swap out the straps!? That better be in your shopping cart right now.

2. Casio Calculator Watch: $15 – Like I said above, my everyday go to watch. Good stuff.

3. Timex Reader Watch: $26 – Nice brown leather strap to dress up any outfit, plus there’s a cool little dial thing that tells you the date.

4. Nixon Time Teller: $75 – A bot of a splurge compared to the others, but that neon yellow is extremely exciting. If that color doesn’t melt your butter, there’s a boatload more colors to choose from on Nixon’s site.

5. Nixon Newton Watch: $70 – Another Splurge, another Nixon. But it’s different, and that black and white is so clean looking.

6. Casio Resin Strap Watch: $10 – Just go out right now and buy one as a stocking stuffer for every guy you know. Really simple, and a nice way to edge yourself into the watch realm again.

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