Grocery List

A while back I collected grocery lists.

I know, it sounds creepy, but it’s not like I stole them out of people’s carts. We can pretend they’re dolls, or place mats if that makes you feel better.

Something happened to my small collection that was supposed to be framed. I’m not sure what. But they’re gone. One of my firsts/favorites was a ratty piece of note paper that read:


I couldn’t stop laughing when I found that. I have a warped sense of humor. This should already be established. I’ve decided that since the whole posting of my own recipes/pictures isn’t happening as often, I’ll start posting things I would like to cook.

Let’s just pretend I had unlimited time in my kitchen this weekend. This is what would be going down.

Cinnamon Honey Butter – A condiment to put on anything, but the butter would be homemade because of all the extra time I have. Duh. (via the Kitchn)

Homemade Donuts – I shouldn’t have to explain myself. (via Joy the Baker)

Beef Stroganoff – I got in trouble from Steve because I said I was going to make this yesterday and it never happened. (via the Kitchn)

Homemade Burger Buns – I don’t usually do well with bread, but this seems simple enough and I might want hamburgers this weekend + this blog is beautifully layed out with humorous writing. jackpot. (via one cake two cake)

Homemade English Muffins – Another yeast recipe, I’m so ambitious. I would eat english muffins every day of my life if they were just handed to me, unless it was a creepy person that handed it to me. (via allrecipes)

Also, if you like to dance around your kitchen like I do, then do yourself a favor and blast this bit of goodness, off the upcoming Florence + the Machine album.

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