2012 Gift Guide: The Foodie

I’ve been MIA for a while, taking care of last minute school projects for the semester and finals and work work work, but break is almost here. Like I could fall down a flight of stairs showgirls status and by the time I made it to the floor break would have started and it would be christmas eve.


For the break, I have an incredibly easy beginners cinnamon roll to share with you and I want to get a little holiday crafting in to share some DIY’s. It’s gonna happen.

Until then, I have a little gift guide for you. An affordable gift guide, from food bloggers that know what they’re talking about.

Everyone does the gift guide business, but I wanted to take that frugal approach. Because I’m a poor college student. I don’t have anyone that needs/wants a $250 octopus shaped cake stand or a $500 dish rack. I don’t run or slow jog in those circles.

I sent out a call to action to some of my favorite food bloggers and gave them their Oprah moment so they could inform us about their favorite gifts and what they might be gifting this year. Calm down, nobody’s getting a car.

Everything is under $30, a couple things are under $10, and I’d like to get all of it for christmas.

Let’s do this.

Megan‘s Picks:

1. Writeable Cheese Markers: $22 – Cheese and crackers are a necessity at every get together! And these markers make it super easy to label the different types in a hip way. I know I’d love to receive these this Christmas!

2. Ash Wood Cutting Board: $20 – I have one of these and find it perfect to use for a cake plate, cheese board, or even a centerpiece. Maybe buy this for a friend, top it with a cake, and surprise them with the board too!

3. I love you like biscuits and gravy tea towel: $8 – I can’t get enough tea towels in my life. They’re perfect for topping cooling bread or dough or just to hang on the front of your oven accessory-style. So show your favorite baking-friend some love with this tea towel valentine.

Cindy‘s Picks:

4. Forged Iron Utility Shears: $16 – I love super practical things with nice aesthetics, like these shears–not only would it make me happy to cut things with these, they can double as photo props…bonus points.

5. Artisan Mini Salt Cellar: $10-$12 – I cook a lot and a salt shaker just doesn’t do it for me, these little cellars are adorable AND perfect for pinching salt.

6. Mint Striped Mixing Bowl: $10 – I love a good mixing bowl. This one is super cute AND super cheap, at just under $10, you could get a couple of small accessory gifts to go with it (measuring spoons, rubber spatulas, and whisks would be perfect)!

Sara‘s Pick

7. Takeya Glass Water Bottle: $18 – I am a practical person and I like giving practical gifts that I believe in. The amount of waste we go through with plastic water bottles is ridiculous, unsustainable and research is showing it’s not great for your health either. This year I am making eco-friendly baskets with Baggu recyclable grocery bags, this water bottle and a homemade treat for some family members. This water bottle is durable, easy to clean and anyone could use it!

Noelle‘s Picks

8. Lunchskins: $9-$12 – For fanatical snack packers. They’re reusable and dishwasher safe, with illustrations to remind you of what happens when you get hungry. They also make fun gift wrap – my almost-relative Alex gave me one last Christmas with homemade gingerbread inside.

9. What to Eat Pad by Knock Knock: $6.50 – Makes meal planning almost too much fun. The fridge and you will look like responsible young adults with good taste in food. Don’t forget to fill in the breakfast section.

My Picks

10. Oxo Cookie Scoop: $14 – I believe in giving foodies gifts they might not gift themselves because they think the price is too high for something they won’t use too often. This happened to me when I bought this cookie scoop a couple years ago. The quality is awesome and I’ve used it for everything from scooping ice cream to making the perfect size cookie or even meatball.

11. Stand Mixer Beater Blade: $20 – This one is actually on my legit wish list. It has great reviews and would help me with that inevitable chunk of something at the bottom of the bowl. Just make sure the paddle matches the bowl size. Casually bring up bowl size in a conversation about chocolate chip cookies or whipped cream.

12. Bib Apron with Pockets: $13 – This apron is a true classic, and the number one apron seller on Amazon. So, Amazon knows what’s up. The print is perfect for a guy or girl, it’s a great stocking stuffer, and it’s going to keep all the flour off them when they go to make you some cookies for giving them that new mixer paddle.

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