Weekend Update

We live in Humboldt County. This means we’re not only a couple miles from the beach, but we’re also a couple miles from the redwoods. On Sunday the weather was insanely nice and we took the opportunity to take a nice walk to let crazy Mose run around.
Basically, this dog loves the forest. He can scale hills faster than I can blink and then just sits there with this happy look that’s saying “what the hell is taking you so long?”
I think as long as there’s no rain, this might end up being a weekend ritual. As long as we stay away from a particular spot where, several months ago, Mose decided to run through a bush / hidden nest of meat bees and not be phased at all by them while I got bit a few times trying to wipe them off him.
That kid is crazy.
Hope everyone had an awesome weekend full of forests and sun, maybe some unicorns, and is more mentally prepared than I am for the rest of this week.

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