Impromptu River Visit

Around here in Humboldt County, warm sunny days are a rarity.
Usually we hit around 60 degrees.
Yesterday was one of those nice warm sunny days.
So we took to the river. Where I guess it’s always sunny. But whatever.

I had the afternoon off, and when I got home I helped Steve finish up ceviche, and he made some alcoholic concoction and we took off.
Like Thelma and Louise,
If Thelma and Louise were two gay men that had a dog and weren’t running from the cops and just wanted to go to the river to lay out in the sun and eat ceviche.

Ceviche is usually some sort of seafood that is “cooked” with the power of citrus juice. Usually limes.
And it’s perfect for picnic food.

This just so happens to be shrimp ceviche.
That doesn’t really have a recipe.
Make some and go to the river.
or the beach. with margaritas.
Easy Mango Margaritas?
Thelma and Louise did all that, right?

Also, special note: Bright sunlight leads to crappy picture conditions.

Recipe after the jump

Shrimp Ceviche
About a pound of shrimp, mixed with about 2 cups of lime juice and some seasoning salt.
Let that sit for 10-30 min.
While that’s sitting, dice up a couple pounds of tomatoes and a cucumber.
Chop up an avocado. and some cilantro.
and Slice up some red onion. mix it all together and throw in the shrimp and about half the cooking liquid.
Serve on tostadas or just eat with a fork, or break up the tostadas like chips because if you’re like me you can’t eat tostadas properly.

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