Key Lime Pie Froyo Pops // Wit & Vinegar

Okay guys, it’s official. I’m gonna go on the popsicle diet.

popsicles for breakfast

popsicles for lunch

popsicles for dinner

popsicles for second dinner

popsicles for dessert

popsiclez 4 lyfe

I just plan on basically looking like a popsicle after a few weeks if popsicles were shaped like sexy people. I’m gonna put the fab in fabpopsicle.

I finally bought myself a grown up popsicle mold, which shouldn’t be a thing but it is, because the IKEA ones just weren’t cutting it. I could eat one popsicle in like 10 seconds and then I started losing the pieces and I just said whatever and Thelma and Louised it and used the one click amazon prime option all crazy like.

Key Lime Pie Froyo Pops // Wit & Vinegar

These pops were the first ones I made and I’m slightly in love with them. I’ve already proposed and they said they’d think about it. So that’s good/not healthy. Originally this recipe was just for frozen yogurt, but it churned almost solid, and didn’t have the consistency I was looking for. Did I eat almost all of it at soft serve stage out of the ice cream maker? Yes. Did I regret it? No, shut up. I wasn’t stoked with scooping it after it froze completely and decided it was made for popsicles. I made another batch, and here we are.

Those four ingredients up there? that’s all of them, nothing else. The tartness of the yogurt was perfect for the lime zest and the graham cracker crumb helped out just enough to make me feel like I was eating a frozen key lime pie. Newsflash: key lime pie and lemon meringue pie are two of my favorite desserts, just in case you wanted to catfish someone with my pictures.

Key Lime Pie Froyo Pops // Wit & Vinegar

The key to these is the greek yogurt that’s not nonfat. You need the fat in there to help make them a little creamier. It’s just 2%. Treat yo self. I used Fage because it’s actually the only non nonfat Greek yogurt I could find, but feel free to use whatever brand you want.

I seriously can’t get enough of popsicles and how easy they are to both eat and make. There’s definitely going to be a lot more of them around here.


Key Lime Pie Froyo Pops

Makes 7 3oz pops

Steve wasn’t crazy about the consistency with the crumbs mixed into the bar, but he also isn’t super in love with graham crackers because he is a fool. If this is the case for you just let the popsicle soften/melt a little then lay one side in the crumbs and return to the freezer or devour it right there. Just devour it right there.

2 c greek yogurt, any fat content, no nonfat

4 graham crackers, crushed (rolling pin or empty beer bottle + ziploc bag filled with broken crackers. go.)

1 T lime zest, from 1 lime*

1/3 c granulated sugar

Mix everything in a bowl until combined and place in popsicle molds*, freeze. boom. done.

*Go ahead and tell me that I didn’t use legit key limes and see what happens.

*The mixture is pretty thick, so use that ziploc bag you crushed the graham crackers in like a pastry bag: fill it up, snip off the corner and pipe it right in there. There might need to be a few taps on the counter with the molds to make sure it goes all the way to the bottom.


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  • These Popsicles look amazang. I love the idea to dip them in the graham crumbs!

    And Thankyou for the tip on your fave pies, it will make my catfishing much more authentic.

    • please do the catfishing, then we can both be on the show and I’ll get to skype with Nev.

  • Hell to the MF yeah.

  • Love popsicles ! I’m with you on the popsicles diet.. so many great flavors out there!

    • right?! popsicles for everyone!

  • hell yes! I’m so glad you’re on this popsicle train. PS, fage is my fave of all the greek yogurts and I always use the 2% for my pops, truth!

    • preach!! I really do love it. I’ve never bought it before this and I’m like what the hell Billy? You’ve been eating non fat this whole time and hating it.

  • I can totally get down with frozen key lime pie popsicles.. #BravoBilly

    • bravobravobravo. get down with them pops!

  • yes please! i’ll take SEVEN(teen)

    • let’s hope they don’t melt in the mail. I’m sending you18 so John can have one.

  • Yes, please!!

  • Izy


    Who doesn’t eat the majority of ice cream/froyo at soft serve stage? FOOLS
    unless of course it’s in popsicle stage, like these
    yea i went there

    • I really appreciate you going there so I didn’t have to.

  • FO LIFE! I’m gonna add protein powder so i can eat them after running haha, popsicles galore!

    • YEEAS! that’s what I’m talkin about. popsiclez 4 werkin’ it!

  • betty

    just stumbled across your blog and i’m in love! plus these look delish.

  • Victoria Bakrdjian


    This is my first time on your blog and I love your writing so much that not only will I subscribe to your blog, but I’ll buy me some grown-up Popsicle molds asap!


  • I’ve been eating minimum 2 popsicles a day this summer, and I think it’s time for me to start making my own. Specifially, these. YUM.

    • Oh totally, you’re doing it right. It gets kind of addicting, be careful.

  • Totally digging your blog and totally digging these froyo pops! Adding it to my list of things to make – today. (Ok, these pops are the only thing on my list, obviously)

    Dana Ivy – Check out my blog!

  • MH

    I just bought Robot shaped popsicle molds at Marshalls…I AM the coolest kid on the block… or I will be once I make these key lime beauties.

  • making this now…except we have no graham crackers so ginger snaps will have to suffice!

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  • I’m dying. I’m dying because a. we should be new best friendz, and b. key lime pie is my favorite pie and I wanna devour (carefully, due to brainfreeze possibilities) one of these RIGHTNOWOMG.