Words I

Today is National Coming Out Day. I figured it was perfect to introduce a little weekly column with some words, much like this little Gunnspiration.

October 15 marks 2 years of being out for myself and it was one of the happiest craziest mix of emotions I’ve experienced.

Ever in my life.

This quote by Harvey Fierstein isn’t just for the gays, but for anyone struggling with being themselves. But for the gays, The last few lines are my favorite:

“Accept no one’s definition of your life; define yourself.

Anyone that’s come out or has struggled with it knows exactly how these words feel. and how hard it can be to live by them, but once you figure shit out, it’s kind of really amazing.

Always remember: hater’s gonna hate, but for those people who do, there’s so many more that love you a thousand times over.

Go Get ‘Em Tiger.

p.s. You’re Awesome.

p.p.s. After Elton has a great roundup of quotes/gifs regarding gayness for this day.

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