Pizza to Pasta

I have a real life confession: sometimes I don’t want pizza.

I promise I’m feeling okay. It’s just that sometimes I want a big ol’ bowl of pasta. maybe with garlic bread.

aka Carb City.

I had this idea a while back, that’s really not that revolutionary, where I wanted a bowl of pasta but didn’t have a clue what to put with it. Then it hit me: put my favorite pizza combo with it.

Let me break it down for you:

Pesto – your favorite kind will do but the cilantro cotija is preeeetty delicious.

Sausage – Specifically 1 lb breakfast sausage. I know it might sound weird but just trust me on this. Spicy breakfast sausage has this awesome flavor mashup with pizza toppings or this bowl of pasta. It’s what I’ve always had in my spaghetti since I was a kid. And a plus – I’m working on a little DIY version to use with any meat and cut down on preservatives.

And lastly, a half to a whole pound of mushrooms – roasted. Have you had roasted mushrooms before? mmhmmm, sliced, a little olive oil, s&p, 425 in an oven for 15-20 min until they’ve browned a bit and are crazy delicious.

The dinner comes together in about 30 min too, just put the pot of water on, throw your mushrooms in the oven, brown the sausage, and while that’s browning make the pesto. BOOM. Dinner time.

What other combos are there? Sausage, red sauce, peppers and mushrooms for a combo pizza? is it too sacrelig to put pepperoni or salami into pasta? What about pasta to pizza? Lemme hear ’em!

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  • I grew up in this teeny little town near Seattle that has one of the coolest grocery stores I’ve ever seen. They also have a pizza place there and one of my favorites there is Central Swiss (the name of the store is Central Market) which has ranch, Swiss cheese, bacon, mushrooms and mozzarella. I can only imagine how uh-may-zing that would be in pasta form! I might have to start making all of their pizzas into pasta form now…
    I found your blog via Pinterest and absolutely love it! You’ve got yourself a new fan! 🙂

    • Love new fans! That pasta does sound amazing, I wanna hear about it when it happens!

  • Roasted mushrooms are total dreamboats. And I’m all about putting pepperoni in pasta. No rulez!

    That pesto sounds redonk. I need it pronto.

    • roasted mushrooms are dreamboats squared. and that pesto, make some!