Instagram Quickie: Cream Cheese Frosting + Surprises

Yesterday was Steve’s birthday. Which means I made a red velvet cake and hid it in our silverware drawer to surprise him.

I do what I can.

You know the SNL Kristen Wiig Character, Sue? (seriously one of the best things, ever.) I’m kind of like her when it comes to surprises. Except without the clenched hips and over-sized Cosby sweaters.

For whatever reason he had no reason to get a form of eating utensil (for his pizza) so I was up against the kitchen wall trying not to giggle and scream out “Baked good, drawer, grab a spoon, what?, happy birthday!” in that exact Sue fashion.

After about a minute the word vomit happened and “you should really check in that silverware drawer for your birthday surprise” just slipped right out.

And he found it and I yelled “surprise!” and with composed dignity, shoved cake in my face.

The cake was just a tad dry, probably from over baking, so I’m not going to post that quite yet. But I do have some amazing fluffy cream cheese frosting for you. You don’t need cake to eat it. You can smear it on banana bread, or pumpkin bread, or eat it with a spoon. Any of this can accompany any number of episodes of RuPaul’s Drag Race. (seriously another one of the best things, ever) 

In case none of that excites your excited bone, follow these steps:
-This weekend, make a red velvet, carrot (minus the streusel), lemon, or chocolate cake.
-Frost it with this fluffy goodness.
-Hide it in someone’s silverware drawer.
-Try to not tell them about it before they actually find it.
-When they do, yell suprise! and throw some confetti at them.

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Cream Cheese Frosting
sliiightly adapted from Smitten Kitchen
side note: that is not the red velvet cake recipe I used

1 stick of butter, very much softened
8 oz cream cheese, very much softened
3 c powdered sugar
2 t vanilla extract

Beat cream cheese and butter for a couple of min until fluffy (I used the whisk attachment for my stand mixer) and sift in the powdered sugar and add the vanilla, beat for about 30 sec until combined.

It is VERY IMPORTANT that you have room temp, softened butter and cream cheese and that you sift your powdered sugar. This is insurance for a smooth, fluffy frosting.

I halved this recipe and it was barely enough to frost the top of a 9×13″ cake so this full recipe should be used if there’s any layering going on.

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