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Grocery List 45 // Wit & VinegarIt’s currently the season of sweaty balls in Southern California right now so I’m imaging I’m still in that instagram with very short trunks and all the ceviche and a big ass michelada. Not that daiquiri though, that shit was nasty.

It’s starting to cool down but not enough for all the basics that have got their pumpkin spice lattes in hand, hashtagged on instagram and shit. My only wish is that someone comes and smacks it out of their hand and tells them to just say no. Too soon for that baby girl.

It might be really hot right now, but I’d turn the oven on for this vegetable loverz pizza except it would be meat lovers.

I guess I could also turn it on for these crazy pink beet and feta biscuits like whoa. You guys Megan is queen of pink bread.

Cindy has instant chill with these sour cherry italian cream sodas.

Also cute bois Matt and Beau have more chill with rosemary greyhounds.

I bet if I drank a lot of chocolate I would get sick. I also bet the opposite with Alana’s hot chocolate madeleines.

I luv doughnuts, I luv deep fried shit, I would luv these sweet potato fritters from Sarah.

I would make out for this corn chowder salad even if you didn’t pay me.

Here’s a not secret: I love mint with my tequila. Jessica knows what’s up.

Apple Jacks Cereal Milk Ice Cream Sandwiches becuz DREAMS DO COME TRU.

I’ve been known to really mess up a chicken rice casserole situation and by mess up I mean eat it all by myself.

These little mini baby pizzas from Stephanie are great because that means they’re basically a health food.

These blueberry pancakes are famous but I haven’t heard of them because they aren’t a housewife or a drag queen ūüôĀ

And last but not least are these sesame peanut bars that I would gladly eat an entire pan of and they take v little time which is perfect because I’m a girl on the move.

For music this week we just need to take a second and talk about Carlie Rae Jepsen because I don’t know where she came from (I mean I do but you know)¬†but her album has been on repeat all week. Specifically this gem where there’s a lot of spinning and running which leads to me spinning and running and scaring the dogs.


Grocery List 39 // Wit & VinegarYou guys, summer is OVVERRRR according to a calendar but my constantly sweaty forehead is just like LOL NOT, especially when I put heat hot sunglasses on my face that were left in my car. That automatically shoves the pumpkin spice cute sweater train back at least a month, probably two.

Lately when it comes to meals it’s like what can I do that takes no effort/heat/energy because seriously it’s summer and eating an in-n-out burger outside under a plastic umbrella is so much more romantic than getting sweaty trying to make a salad.

I’ve got hopes in the next few months though that will get me back in the kitchen eating all my own food + tacos and ice cream sundaes. Until that happens though, let’s talk grocery list:

First up this week is Adrianna with some PRETZEL DOUGHNUTS and real talk on living vicariously through single friends dating and I love all of it.

Megan casually whipped up a pie sundae social and nobody can stop me from eating every single one of those combos.

Jon went and made dark chocolate zucchini waffles and reinforced why he’s one of my favorites.

Sarah drew a chocolate orange bath for RICOTTA FRITTERS and I’m going to join them.

Molly has some kewt¬†pistachio cream cakes with all the sprinkles and a giveaway for Jessica’s new book! (I get to host¬†some of that goodness next week!)

Michelle has some serious swirl game with this matcha marble pound cake. #swirlswag.

There’s still corn happening at the grocery store so Gab says braid the husk, roast and slather in chimichurri butter.

Graham is also holding onto summer with these coffee & beignet ice cream sandwiches like whoaaaa.


I’m completely fascinated on this avocado and banana chocolate pudding that Tracy made.

I could polish off 2, maybe 3 batches of this yakiudon from Stephanie because I am a noodle monster.

Melissa made butterscotch pudding and I want all of it with all the banana whipped cream.

And then we’re washing all this down with 2¬†or 5¬†super refreshing coconut gin and tonics from Dana and John the end.

For music this week it’s straight up discohnoshebetterdon’t to summer leaving. I love me some Kimbra and this song makes me want to hot shorts it up and rollerskate everywhere yelling summer don’t leave us.

Also don’t forget! I’ve got a giveaway good until midnight tomorrow for a copy of Stephanie’s book, Easy Gourmet.


Grocery List 38 // Wit & Vinegar

Since Steve and I have been down here in Southern California we’ve decided to go on the tostada/taco/frozen treat/burger diet. It’s almost a weekly visit for us to the Mexican supermarket where we buy a hunk of carnitas, some tres leches, all the pan dulce, and approx. 1000 fresh tortillas.

I like to call this place heaven.

The trip to heaven usually ends with a trip to the strip mall neighbor paleteria and then I consume a pan dulce appetizer in the car then like 3¬†tacos when we get home. It’s my favorite.

Since I’m thinking maybe it’s time to eat tacos only 5 times a week, I decided to round up this week’s not taco goodness on a super long overdue grocery list:

First stop is Dana with the carb dreamz¬†and¬†this roasted red pepper pasta that sounds insanely fabulous. I mean, it’s vegan and I’m totally okay with that. via Minimalist Baker

Raspberry Mango Ice Cream Caaaaaaaake! The fact that I can utilize half melted ice cream when I get home from the grocery store is a dream come true. via Shutterbean

I’m not going to lie, I’ve stopped myself from making these french silk pie bars on a couple of different occasions just because I know I could plow through the whole batch¬†in one sitting. via Take a Megabite

Curd is the word and it’s slathered on some pancakes and topped with some raspberries and I’m in love. via The Sugar Hit

Also for breakfast even though maybe it’s a dessert: Red Current Clafoutis. Just saying Clafoutis makes me feel like such a cultured fancy bitch. via A Cozy Kitchen

Saveur turned 20 which means cakes were made and eaten, obviously my favorites were this¬†buttermilk cake with rhubarb buttercream, this pony cake, and¬†¬†this Chocolate & Cherry Meringue Stack Cake. All three cakes¬†say hey you, let’s go make out but don’t get too freaky.¬†via The Vanilla Bean Blog, my name is yeh, and Top with Cinnamon.

Also on dat cake train is Gab with an ultra sexy timez chocolate meringue cake with fresh berries. I mean, SERIOUSLY. via Artful Desperado

I’ve actually wanted these fried green tomato and shrimp sliders ever since Jon posted them and I’m extremely disappointed he hasn’t just shown up on my doorstop with a plate of them. via The Candid Appetite

Samesies with these blackberry thyme muffins. I super love thyme and want to know what they’d bring to the party.¬†via The Faux Martha

PULLED. PORK. FRIED. RICE. I don’t need to say anything else except get in my mouth. via i am a food blog

BBQ EMERGENCY 911 RIGHT NOW for this blue cheese potato salad bacon scallion make out sesh. via Dinner Was Delicious

For dranks this week we have Sara with some blueberry mojitos for all the color and Ashley with some great styling and a couple margaritas because sometimes those fuel me through a plate of nachos. via Cake over Steak and Local Haven

For music this week we have Pharrell and Miley because I can’t stop listening to this song and¬†because I started following Miley on instagram and it’s probably the best decision I’ve made in a while #rainbowbraidthing.

You hear that? It’s us twerking in the kitchen this weekend.


Grocery List XXX // Wit & Vinegar

Look at that, Grocery List XXX. Obviously I had to find a sexy pic. Obviously I went with doughnuts. These chocolate doughnuts are just one of the batches I’ve been flooding my Instagram feed with (all of them have been from Ashley’s new book!!) and you guys get the recipe next week when I guest post for Gab over at The Artful Desperado. There might be will be salted caramel instead of that chocolate ganache. So, yeah. Ring that alarm, Beyonce.

Tracy starts off this weeks grocery list with a giant plate of brussel sprouts because it’s not too soon to start thinking about Thanksgiving. Also it’s never too soon ¬†to eat an entire plate of brussel sprouts. (via Shutterbean)

Adrianna is riding the squash train with curry butternut squash soup and grain free pumpkin dog treats. Sometimes Mose is all cute and he just needs like 20 treats. He’d probably take the soup too. (via A Cozy Kitchen)

Megan being the smart cookie that she is went ahead and COMBINED BANANA BREAD AND PUMPKIN BREAD and now my life is complete (via Take a Megabite)

Baked fall flavor continues with Cindy and cupcakes with booze in them because duh. (via Hungry Girl Por Vida)

EVERY SINGLE TIME I look at vegan dirt cake I wish I was eating it. Like I just need it. Totally vegan, totally not dirt. (via Minimalist Baker)

Have you guys been reading Joy’s Baking 101? Get into it. Learn about your baking bidness. There’s cocoa here and powder vs soda here. (via Joy the Baker)

Sarah has no problem showing us the way to carb city with POTATO ON HER PIZZA. Shut it down, stop it. (via The Sugar Hit)

Jon also took a page from that book and shoved potatoes in tacos. They’re vegetarian, and I could eat roughly all of them. And just as insurance: Steven, I know you’ve put mashed potatoes in tacos before. Make them again, kthanx. (via The Candid Appetite)

I’ve got a nice pair of pumpkins (pause) that need to be turned into puree. Show me the way, Jessica. (via How Sweet it Is)

Nicole’s birthday is today (HAPPY B-DAY GURL!!) and she made this babe of a cake that has jam for filling. I just happen to have some pumpkin butter burning a hole in my fridge that I would love to see in cake. (via Dula Notes)

Stephanie made up the most simple beautiful awesome looking sliders. + there’s arugula and obsessed doesn’t even begin to describe my current affair with that leafy green. (via I am a food blog)

I have yet to actually make any sort of milk from nuts but Autumn just unleashed pistachio milk and I go apeshit for pistachios so obviously this is first on the list. (via Autumn Makes and Does)

Izy went and made BEBE SIZED PUMPKIN PANCAKES and shot them in moody gorgeous fall light. I have to write in caps at some point so she instantly knows it’s me when she gets the pingback. I just got Ramonaeyes for her. (via Top With Cinnamon)

Have I ever made a Boston Cream Pie before? No. Does Shauna make me want to make one? Yes. Could I eat one all by myself? Absolutely. (via Piece of Cake)

And caboosing this whole train is something to drink from Erika. It’s called a caramel peartini and I’d like enough to make me do crazy things. (via Southern Souffle)

For music this week we’re listening to one of my current obsessions: Lorde. Her new album just came out and it’s one of my new go-to’s for a work soundtrack. The cinematography for her Royals video is sexy enough that I just had to put it on Grocery List XXX.


Pumpkin Butter // Wit & Vinegar

This one’s for all you pumpkin lovers out there. Full on pumpkin everything when fall hits kind of lovers. I’m definitely part of that tribe, having already slammed my face into¬†baked donuts, pancakes, quick bread, and this magical business.

For those of you not familiar with this spread it’s pretty much pumpkin pie filling that you can eat for breakfast without people judging you aka fall’s answer to summer preserves. I tried a couple different recipes with crazy ingredients, but the one I ended up working with was straight up the simplest. No need to get too crazy.

The thing I love about this stuff is that it takes just a few ingredients that you probably already have in your cupboard and elevates them to an impressive level in just 20 minutes + cooling time. You can seriously put this stuff on whatever you want: peanut butter sandwiches, your face, your dog’s face, cream cheese, ice cream, yogurt, or¬†S’MORES.

Pumpkin Butter S'mores // Wit & Vinegar

Pumpkin happens to go very well with chocolate so I figured let’s sandwich that between a graham cracker and a marshmallow and make dreams come true. This was also my first trip to the land of oven s’mores and now I’m hooked like whoa. LOOK AT THAT TOASTY ACTION. The chocolate got melted, the marshmallow’s all gooey. Just, just go and make this right now.

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Grocery List XVIIII // Wit & Vinegar

Let’s keep this short. Let’s keep this sweet. Let’s keep this simple.

I’ve got some applesauce to smash.

Stephanie went out and browned butter, then went and put apples in it then made it into a quick bread that involves icing and I want to smash my face in all of it. (via Girl Versus Dough)

Miss Cindy is continuing the fall’s in your face apple trend with APPLE PIE PANCAKES that are described as an apple pie french toast hybrid. SAY NO MORE. (via Hungry Girl Por Vida)

WHOOPIE PIES FOR WHOOPIE G? No. But I’ll take like 100 of them. (via Take a Megabite)

Tracy discovered another key to my heart when she smash boom banged some MAC AND CHEESE WITH SRIRACHA. Banged. (via Shutterbean)

Hey baby, hey baby, hey. Girls say, GIMME THAT DUTCH BABY. (via A Cozy Kitchen)

What do we want? Caramel Corn. When do we want it? RIGHT. NOW. (via Joy the Baker)

Easiest VEGAN cinnamon rolls like it ain’t. no. thang. Stop it you guys. (via Minimalist Baker)

Usually people are like LOL OMG YOUR PICTURES MADE ME DROOL JK. But really, I did and it’s a salad. (via The Candid Appetite)

Gab kills it. Again. The styling, the fact that coffee’s involved, the geniusness behind the idea of this post. It’s out of control. (via The Artful Desperado for SF Girl by Bay)

Erika, I have no idea how to pronounce huguenot but I know that I want an entire pan of it with a giant spoon. Serving size: ONE. (via Southern Souffle)

Izy was all like let me shove more goodness into a double chocolate chip cookie and then even more goodness into that and I’m just over here like this. (via Top with Cinnamon)

You put easy and cheesecake into the title of something and it’s like I’ve got a Google alert set up inside my brain. Also easy cheesecake is a total hooker name. (via How Sweet It Is)

I don’t know what else to say about a buffalo chicken quinoa bake except GET IN MY FACE AND SEE WHAT HAPPENS. (via Half Baked Harvest)

Last but not least Megan brings everyone breakfast like whoa. I mean these scones are some sexy impressive scones. (via Passports and Pancakes)

For music this week my girlfriend Solange is going to sing and dance for you. It’s like, hello fall can we wear sweaters and dance alone and fall is all like, yes please in a whispervoice.